“Getting Published is actually the Beginning of a Successful Novel” by Shaun Priest

It took my three years to write my novel, two years to find my publisher, and another year working with Small Dogma to refine the final version. Most people and authors, including myself, think that I am done and the book sales will just happen. This couldn’t be further from reality. ‘Decisions’ was published earlier this year and I quickly learned that I need to treat this as the beginning versus the end of my involvement with selling my book. As a first time author with a smaller publisher, I have put together a plan to increase the sales of my novel. This plan starts with the obvious of family and friends; grows to include cold calling books stores, newspapers, blogs, etc; then to the more sophisticate process of setting up google keywords; and the time consuming commitment of writing my own blog. Below is my high-level marketing plan:

• Contact Family and Friends
o Book Clubs
• Purchase Google Key Words
• Write Blog and promote book
o Mine is a weekly business blog
o http://www.closerq.com
• Put together Business Cards
• Write Press Release
• Contact Traditional Media (both phone and email)
o Newspapers, TV, Radio to review and interview me on my novel
• Contact Bloggers to write reviews of my book
o I contacted a wide range of topical bloggers who could fit by book
 Regional: Massachusetts; Nevada, Georgia
 Business and Sales Blogs
 Gambling Blogs
 Book Review Blogs
• Set-up Social Media
o Twitter: http://twitter.com/closerq
o Linkedin: http://www.linkedin.com/in/shaunpriest
o Blog: www.closerq.com
• Set up my own website and URL: www.shaunpriest.com
o Register my URL with search engines
• Have Patience

As you can see there is a lot to promoting your book. You need to work hard to promote your book then have patience and dedication because the process takes time. It takes time for people to read your book and recommend to others. After requesting a copy of my novel, it took a blog a full six months to finally blog a positive review of Decisions. Verses get frustrated take that energy to work even harder to increase your book sales. If you have any questions, comments, or recommendations on this post, promoting books, or on my novel, please contact me at shaun@closerq.com.


One Response to ““Getting Published is actually the Beginning of a Successful Novel” by Shaun Priest”

  1. Bill Labrecque Says:

    Wow, you are correct there is a lot of work to selling and marketing a book. Great Advice and good luck increasing your sales. BL

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