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Character Development by M.D. Griffith

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In writing your novel, the first thing that I like to do besides an outline, is make a list of characters, including names, color of hair, height, and even personality. Already knowing the genre should help you prepare for this. With your main character or characters, you already should have a good idea on how they will fit within the novel. Whether they are intense or funny, their special quirks you want them to have helps in the making of these characters. As far as myself, I always want my main characters to stand out the most so I give them the characteristics that help not only enhance the story, but helps the reader to relate to them better and when doing so, will help the reader to associate the main characters with the story that they are reading.


As far as the secondary characters, which is something that I personally had to really think about when writing; there are several ways of making them stand out. Whether it is the way they talk, the way they walk, or even the way they might act around other people, again, depending on the genre you are writing. One of the things that I consider very important when a writer takes these characters and the specific characteristics of these secondary characters is to put yourself into the mind, or some writers may say the meat of that character. If you were he or she, what about that character you are writing about, would make him stand out to the reader. If he is a bad man or woman, bring out the darkness of the character to the reader. His actions, his clothes, his mannerisms are all things that can bring this quality out for the reader to remember and wrap their minds around while enjoying your novel.